Shir G -  The Studio

The boutique is divided into two spaces: one is the store, designed in detail by Shir’s personal vision of an industrial yet modern space, with an emphasis on hand-made furniture, welded from the ceiling and suspended in the air with a sense of lightness and levitation of iron. The clothes made suspend from these ceiling-hung fixtures, creating minimalistic and sophisticated atmosphere.
The second space is a studio, where Shir works meticulously on each design with the seamstress and pattern maker. The space creates a unique shopping experience, enabling each customer to get a glimpse of the artistic process, which begins and ends in the same space, from design and inspiration, through sewing and finally when the garment is placed on the hanger in the shop.


Unlike other stores, the collections found in the boutique are not only seasonal; throughout the year you can find new items added the collection. Shir draws her inspiration for the collection from her great love to textile and fabrics that are luxurious, natural, and pleasant to the touch, and incorporates them into the thoughts of imagining the cloth placed on the body as a garment.
The garmnets in the collection are feminine, simple and wearable, with unique, high quality and chic. Outwardly, the garments seem timely and simple, but upon a closer look each piece has certain sophistication to it.